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Desert Trekking Cap UV-Protection Desert 900 - Brown
  • Desert Trekking Cap UV-Protection Desert 900 - Brown
Desert Trekking Cap UV-Protection Desert 900 - Brown



Desert Trekking Cap UV-Protection Desert 900 - Brown

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  • Desert Trekking Cap UV-Protection Desert 900 - Brown
Desert Trekking Cap UV-Protection Desert 900 - Brown
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Our passionate team of desert trekking enthusiasts created this cap after a trek which alternated sandstorm and sun!



100% polyamide for increased tear resistance

Sun protection

This cap meets the requirements for UV-protective labelling


This fabric allows moisture generated by the head to escape


A press stud button system helps protect the face from both sun and sand

Quick drying

This cap takes less than 120 minutes to fully dry after being immersed in water


What criteria must a cap meet in order to qualify as "UV-protective"?

UV protection standards for hats are very specific: The fabric must of course be anti-UV (UPF index greater than 50), but this is not enough to claim the finished product is anti-UV. The cap also needs to have a panel width that completely protects the face and neck.
The Trek 900 cap meets these requirements so you can go hiking with complete peace of mind: you are perfectly protected!

Why is the inside of the visor darker?

When you walk in the sand, the sun’s rays reflect off the inside of the visor and can dazzle you. To avoid this, we chose a darker colour that avoids this unpleasant reflection.

Why hide your face in the desert?

Those who have already experienced one will confirm that sandstorms are frequent in the desert. So you need to cover your face if you do not want to be eating sand for the rest of your trek!
Our cap has 2 press studs to hold the cap’s cover in front of your face.
This function also protects the face and neck from UV rays.

Why protect your neck?

You may not know it, but sunstroke does not come just from exposing your head to UV. You can also get sunstroke if your neck is exposed. To prevent this, our Desert 900 cap has long panels that cover the back of the neck, down to the shoulders.

Tips for storage and maintenance

Any type of ironing allowed.
Maximum wash temperature of 30°C. Very moderate treatment.
Iron at a maximum soleplate temperature of 150°C.
Maximum wash temperature 70°C. Normal treatment.
Ironing at a maximum iron soleplate temperature of 200°C.

Restrictions on use

This cap does not protect against the spread of viruses.


Test product

This cap took 2 years to complete as we, the design team, weren't happy with the performance of the cap during the first field tests. So we improved the design, changed the fabric and simplified the flap fastening, resulting in the cap you see today!


2 Years

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a panel of independent desert trekkers to ensure complete impartiality