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Modular Line Marker
  • Modular Line Marker
  • Modular Line Marker
  • Modular Line Marker
Modular Line Marker



Modular Line Marker

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  • Modular Line Marker
  • Modular Line Marker
  • Modular Line Marker
Modular Line Marker
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Our football product designers created this innovative product to enrich your training sessions. Pair it with the modular bases to create your own lines.



Vary your drills: the line markers are compatible with the modular bases.

Ease of use

The elastic band (25 m) can be wound up and put away very quickly.

Ease of learning

Lets you create real sidelines so you have a visual reference.


Wide fluorescent orange elastic band to easily identify a line.


Introducing the Modular range

Using our field observations and through discussions with coaches, we identified various needs when setting up drills: marking out areas and targets, dodging, etc. To meet as many of these needs as possible and to give coaches a range of options, we developed the Modular accessories range. These products are compatible with each other, allowing you to increase and vary your exercises using simple, ingenious technical solutions.

What are the modular accessories?

"The line marker is the latest addition to the family and reflects the concept of the Modular range. It can be paired with the Modular base for stability and lets you vary and personalise your drills by marking out lines.
What's more, its ultra-simple system means coaches can pull the marker out and put it away very quickly to save time."

A unique concept for specific training sessions

The line marker was inspired by extension cables. There's a coiled elastic band that you pull out and coil up again when you want to put it away. The Modular bases are used to provide stability when pulling out the elastic band. Simple and extremely effective!

A product to help coaches.

Using cones to mark out a pitch can be a real pain: you lose a lot of time setting them up! We wanted to make coaches' lives easier, which is why we designed a product for quickly marking out lines and setting up a range of drills.

Our design team explains the technical challenge

Developing our line marker was all about compromise. We needed to make the elastic band long enough to divide the pitch into squares (25 metres), without the product being too bulky. We needed the weighted bases to be heavy enough for coaches to pull out the line in one motion, but not too heavy to lift. And because our mission is to make our products accessible to as many people as possible, we needed to make it affordable.

Testing, testing!

The KIPSTA team's priority is to design products that keep users safe. And the line marker is no exception to the rule! This innovative football product has passed numerous tests ensuring that there is no risk of anyone tripping over the elastic band, even for players wearing football boots.

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Tips for storage and maintenance

Drying in a tumble dryer possible. Normal temperature, maximum exhaust air temperature of the drum 80°C.
Maximum wash temperature of 30°C. Very moderate treatment.
Iron at a maximum soleplate temperature of 150°C.
Maximum wash temperature 70°C. Normal treatment.
Ironing at a maximum iron soleplate temperature of 200°C.

Storage tips

For a longer lifespan, store the product in an area that is protected from bad weather! If the product has been used in the rain, leave the elastic out to dry uncoiled before winding it up.



2 Years