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Smooth Foam Roller
  • Smooth Foam Roller
  • Smooth Foam Roller
  • Smooth Foam Roller
  • Smooth Foam Roller
Smooth Foam Roller



Smooth Foam Roller

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  • Smooth Foam Roller
  • Smooth Foam Roller
  • Smooth Foam Roller
  • Smooth Foam Roller
Smooth Foam Roller
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Our team designed this foam roller for self-massaging after sports.Easily relax your muscles using your body weight.



For several areas. Perfect for back, thighs and calves massages.

Ease of use

Allows self-massages.For use on the floor.

Anatomic design

Smooth foam of medium hardness, for deep and more comfortable massages.


Which muscles should you massage with the foam roller?

Our versatile massage roller is suitable for massaging several areas of the body:glutes, thighs (fascia latte, hamstring and quads) and calves.It also makes it easier to self-massage the back!It can be used to loosen your muscles after a sports session.It's up to you to see if you prefer massaging yourself right after your session, in the evening or the following day.Naturally, you can also have a self-massage even if you haven't done any sport ;-)

How to massage yourself well after sport?

To use the roller, it's simple!Sit yourself down on the floor and massage the area concerned by going back and forth with the roller.For an effective massage, we recommend that you self-massage each part of your body for at least 5 minutes.
Watch our videos for more information and a few exercises!

Precautions for use:

The massage roller is designed for adults.When using a massage roller for the first few times, it is common to feel some pain or experience some bruising. If the pain is intense and lasts a long time, consult your doctor.
As for the bruises, this effect is created by little blood vessels on the surface of the skin. So, don't worry, they will disappear over time with use.

What are the dimensions of the massage roller?

Diameter: 13 cm
Length: 33 cm

Tips for storage and maintenance



2 Years