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Fetlock Boots 500 Twin-Pack - Burgundy
  • Fetlock Boots 500 Twin-Pack - Burgundy
  • Fetlock Boots 500 Twin-Pack - Burgundy
  • Fetlock Boots 500 Twin-Pack - Burgundy
Fetlock Boots 500 Twin-Pack - Burgundy



Fetlock Boots 500 Twin-Pack - Burgundy

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  • Fetlock Boots 500 Twin-Pack - Burgundy
  • Fetlock Boots 500 Twin-Pack - Burgundy
  • Fetlock Boots 500 Twin-Pack - Burgundy
Fetlock Boots 500 Twin-Pack - Burgundy
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The versatile 500 Jump fetlock boots have been created by our Fouganza engineers to protect your horse's hind limbs, guaranteeing comfort and sturdiness.


Impact protection

A robust, redesigned shell and foam covering the tendon.

User comfort

Optimal comfort thanks to the smooth foam inside the shell.

Ease of use

Wide, adjustable fastenings that make the boots easy to put on and adjust.


Incredibly versatile: designed for training and leisure.

Easy maintenance

Brush or wipe with a damp sponge to make your fetlock boots as good as new.


Comfortable protection:

Our designers have taken on the challenge of designing products that combine efficiency with comfort while ensuring the horse is completely at ease as it trains. So they came up with these versatile fetlock boots, which fit horses of any shape or size. With a redesigned shell moulded from supple yet robust plastic, and 6 mm of smooth foam on the inside, these boots fully surround your horse's limb to protect it from brushing and stop the fetlocks and tendons getting knocked.

Pair with the 500 Jump tendon boots and/or 500 brushing boots:

To give your horse the best limb protection when training or competing, you can also pair your fetlock boots with the 500 boots. They are made from the same materials and offer the same levels of protection, comfort and fit for your horse's forelimbs. Showjumping competition regulations require all of these protective boots, which come in a range of colours, to be worn. All you need to do now is get around the course without any faults!

Designed for all disciplines:

The 500 Jump fetlock boots are quick and easy to put on thanks to the adjustable rip-tab, and can be used for different purposes. They protect your horse when hacking or doing flat work or showjumping.

For all horses:

Because all horses are different, the 500 Jump fetlock boots have been designed to fit as many horses as possible and give each horse the performance and comfort they need. Thanks to the synthetic foam on the inside, which is extremely comfortable, and the adjustable rip-tab system, these protective boots are worn very close to the horse's limb. The shell has also been tested on numerous different horses to ensure it will work perfectly!

Protecting your horse's limbs:

They may not look it, but these body parts are fragile! The tendons and fetlocks are areas that need to be well protected! Whether training or hacking, make sure to protect your horse's hind limbs with fetlock boots or wraps. It's all too easy for horses' limbs to brush against one another or for their hooves to catch their other limbs, which can lead to injury! The 500 Jump boots are easy to put in place and provide real protection.

Easy care:

The 500 Jump fetlock boots are technical, sturdy and designed to fit a wide range of horses, with the additional benefit of being easy to clean. Have you galloped through mud? Leave the boots to dry then give them a quick brush, particularly on the parts in contact with your horse's limbs. You may need to give them a wipe with a damp sponge to finish them off. Or if you prefer, you can also rinse them. And your fetlock boots are ready to be used again!


S = PS

M = CS:
Length: 27.6cm
Height: 14.5 cm

L = FS:
Length: 30cm
Height: 15.5 cm

Tips for storage and maintenance

Professional dry cleaning with tetrachloroethylene and all solvents listed opposite the F symbol. Normal treatment.
Maximum wash temperature of 30°C. Very moderate treatment.
Iron at a maximum soleplate temperature of 150°C.
Maximum wash temperature 70°C. Normal treatment.
Ironing at a maximum iron soleplate temperature of 200°C.

Storage tips

Leave to dry before putting away in a clean and well ventilated place.



2 Years