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Adult/Kids' Horse Riding Helmet 520 - Matte Black
  • Adult/Kids' Horse Riding Helmet 520 - Matte Black
  • Adult/Kids' Horse Riding Helmet 520 - Matte Black
  • Adult/Kids' Horse Riding Helmet 520 - Matte Black
  • Adult/Kids' Horse Riding Helmet 520 - Matte Black
  • Adult/Kids' Horse Riding Helmet 520 - Matte Black
  • Adult/Kids' Horse Riding Helmet 520 - Matte Black
Adult/Kids' Horse Riding Helmet 520 - Matte Black



Adult/Kids' Horse Riding Helmet 520 - Matte Black

VAT included
  • Adult/Kids' Horse Riding Helmet 520 - Matte Black
  • Adult/Kids' Horse Riding Helmet 520 - Matte Black
  • Adult/Kids' Horse Riding Helmet 520 - Matte Black
  • Adult/Kids' Horse Riding Helmet 520 - Matte Black
  • Adult/Kids' Horse Riding Helmet 520 - Matte Black
  • Adult/Kids' Horse Riding Helmet 520 - Matte Black
Adult/Kids' Horse Riding Helmet 520 - Matte Black
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Our team of keen horse riders has designed this comfortable, tough helmet to protect you if you fall, whatever kind of riding you do.


Impact protection

A durable helmet tested and certified according to EN1384

User comfort

Comfortable straps and foam to reduce pressure points.


The technical ventilation system keeps your head cool.


Redesigned harness to better fit the rider's head.



EN1384 certified riding helmet


53 to 61.

Light weight:

520g (Size 57).


The main job of a helmet is to protect the rider's head. The 520 model, which has been put through the ringer in our workshops, features a shell designed to absorb some of the energy on impact through partial deformation of the shell and/or the protective material. In the event of a fall, replace your helmet: damage is not always visible and is often found inside the product.


One of our engineers' top challenges was to give you a tough, solid, light and extremely comfortable helmet. To do this, the Fouganza team focused on how ergonomic the straps were, as they are what sits against the rider's face. They are made from soft, spongy polyester for true comfort! The removable, machine washable hat, which is attached to the helmet via a rip-tab system, contains foam that is precisely positioned to reduce the pressure points on your head.

Optimal ventilation:

Whether on a pony or horse, riders tend not to take it easy! To stop you overheating and to get rid of perspiration, the 520 helmet is very well ventilated. Thanks to the 27 holes on the front and top, as well as the ventilation channels beneath the shell, it lets air circulate to help keep you cool. Air enters through the front of the helmet and leaves through the back. No more damp hair at the end of your ride!


A helmet that doesn't hug your head and that moves around is failing in its main purpose. To ensure a good fit, the 520 helmet's harness has been fully redesigned. After various tests, our designers came up with an ergonomic system that passes across the rider's neck - without squeezing it - and under their chin. The harness matches the shape of the rider's head without preventing them from moving around. This means that the helmet stays in the right place. Mission accomplished!

Choosing your helmet:

Our 520 helmet is available in various sizes, from 53 to 61. Although Decathlon stores stock a wide range, your size may not necessarily be available. Don't forget that you can also order on our website! To get the right size, measure the circumference of your head and try the helmet on. Your helmet needs to be a good fit in order to protect you! So for children, never buy a helmet that is too big on the assumption that they will grow into it.


Because luscious locks aren't always practical when riding, and because numerous riders want to leave their hair down when schooling or hacking, the 520 helmet has a trick up its sleeve. One of the straps on the harness passes across the back of the neck and you can use it to tuck your ponytail between the shell and the harness so that stray hairs won't escape. We've thought of everything!

Washable, interchangeable hat:

The 520 helmet contains a hat made from foam and mesh (breathable fabric) for real comfort. This hat, held in place with an effective rip-tab system, is removable and hand washable in cold water. If your helmet hasn't suffered any damage, but you want to change the inside of your kit, no problem! You can buy yourself a new foam hat to keep yourself comfy without having to invest in a whole new helmet.

Easy care:

To look after your helmet, clean the outside with a cloth.
We strongly (or completely) recommend against using solvents or other aggressive products as they could affect the helmet's properties and cause it to deteriorate. The removable inner hat is machine washable at 30°C.
For storage and transport, a small fabric bag will protect it from dirt, scratches and light.

A sleek look:

Depending on your riding style and your tastes, the 520 helmet is available in several different models. Whether painted or fabric covered, it dons a different attire to suit the preferences of each and every rider. Some people will prioritise the sleek lines of the plain classic version, while others will want the two-colour model. As for rhinestones, we know they'll be a hit with all dressage fans.

Adjusting the helmet:

For optimal protection, the helmet should fit snugly without being too tight. When the harness and strap are properly adjusted, the helmet should not slide forward, back, or from side to side.
The riding helmet's strap should pass beneath your jaw, rather than over the chin. It should be tight enough to stop the helmet rocking around, but it shouldn't choke you.

Shock absorption:

This riding helmet was designed to absorb some of the energy of an impact by causing the shell or protective material to become partially deformed.

A helmet reduces the severity of head injuries. The protection your riding helmet offers depends on the accident in question, as wearing a helmet does not always prevent death or long-term injury.

Use instructions:

We know that you are itching to try your helmet, but for safety reasons please read the instructions before use.
This helmet is for horse riding only and should not be used for motor sports, snow sports or air sports. Unfortunately, if you decide to take up bobsleigh, Formula 1 or hang gliding, this helmet will not meet your needs. We recommend opting for more suitable protection.


We recommend replacing your riding helmet five years after its manufacture date (which is shown on the label) if your helmet has never suffered an impact and has been stored according to the instructions.

Damage may not be visible, and so any helmet that has suffered an impact must be replaced.

Returns conditions for personal protective equipment:

A riding helmet is a type of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).

Make sure this product is right for you (model, size, colour) before buying.
If you do need to return it, you will need to make sure it still has its instructions, labels still attached and, where applicable, accessories and original packaging. This will enable it to be resold. Together, we can respect our planet.

Tips for storage and maintenance

Storage tips

Store away from heat sources such as heating appliances or the parcel shelf of a car in the sun, as this can degrade the protective performance of the polystyrene padding

Restrictions on use



Test product

Tested in an independent laboratory in compliance with current regulations.


2 Years

Agree by

Certification organisation No. 2008, Dolomiticert scarl