Bulk Order Policy

(Version effective as of 1 July 2019)


These are the terms outlined for the buyer should the buyer decide to purchase in bulk from www.decathlon.co.za . Before choosing to transact, please carefully read the Terms and Conditions as stipulated.


“We” or “Decathlon” means Decathlon South Africa Sports (Pty) Ltd and “us” and “our” have a corresponding meaning herein. We are a private company duly incorporated in accordance with the laws of the Republic of South Africa with registration number 2015/118486/07.

Our primary address is at 6 Heidelberg Road and Ring Road East, Newmarket Mall, Alberton, 1449 and we will accept service of all legal documents here.

In addition to these terms and conditions, the following additional terms also apply to your use of Decathlon.co.za and its associated features:

Our Website Terms of Use which govern use of Decathlon.co.za itself;

Our Privacy Policy and our Cookies Policy which govern use of your personal information submitted to or via decathlon.co.za; and

Our Membership General Information which govern your use of your Decathlon account.

We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions from time to time by changing them on Decathlon.co.za, although no such change will affect any order you have already placed with us. It is the buyer’s responsibility to familiarise themselves with the most recent terms and conditions everytime the buyer places an order for products.


Bulk Order

A Bulk Order is an order to purchase a large quantity of goods at once.

Large quantity

A large quantity is characterized by a minimum basket of 20 items with a total value of R10 000.

How to make a bulk order

All bulk orders order enquiries are made through club.order@decathlon.com and the contact page on the website. Decathlon reserves the right to either accept or decline the buyer’s order should we not have the required bulk order stock on hand at the time of inquiry. Upon confirmation of your order, www.decathlon.co.za will prepare an invoice for the which will last for a period of 48 hours after which all products will be returned to the respective store layouts.

The buyer will be required to communicate the following:

Name of the Buyer (or organization)

Shipping address

E-mail address

Contact number

When Decathlon accepts the buyer’s order, Decathlon and the buyer enter into contract where the buyer agrees to settle the invoice within the stipulated time frame of the invoice and Decathlon promises to deliver the goods within stipulated delivery times.

Price and Payment


The prices of products quoted on www.decathlon.co.za is as quoted in stores from time to time. All products are quoted in South African Rands and include VAT. Delivery costs are excluded from the price of products quoted on our website and will be automatically calculated and added to your final basket amount due once you have chosen your method of delivery.

The Decathlon South Africa website www.decathlon.co.za contains a large number of products that, despite our best efforts, some of the products listed on the website may be incorrectly priced. Upon realizing that the actual price of the product is less than the amount the buyer has paid, we will charge the buyer the actual price and refund the outstanding balance


Delivery costs can change at anytime but will not affect the buyer who has already paid for delivery. Payments for orders must be made by debit or credit cards via Pay U, SID, and EFT. www.decathlon.co.za does not accept payment made through gift cards and/or vouchers. 


Door-to-Door Delivery

Decathlon uses The Courier Guy to deliver parcels to customers country wide. All parcels couriered with The Courier Guy are strictly door-to-door deliveries. We do not deliver outside the boarders of South Africa. Orders cannot be delivered to P.O Box or similar addresses.

For all products purchased on www.decathlon.co.za delivery is offered as a service and Decathlon will subsidies a portion the delivery fee on behalf of the buyer for all national deliveries. Please see below the delivery charge buyers may be expected to pay for deliveries:

Parcel weight

0 to 5 kilograms

6 – 10 Kilograms

11 – 20 kilograms

=>21 kilograms

Delivery Cost






Click and Collect

Should the buyer choose click and collect as a method of delivery from our website, the buyer will be required to collect their parcel from the store they have requested the click and collect order from. Click and collects will be ready for collections within 4 hours after validation of payment.

Lead Time

Upon confirmation and treatment of the buyer’s bulk order, please see below how the lead times are dispersed:

Local deliveries: 2 - 4 working days

National deliveries: 4 - 6 working days

Returns & Exchanges

A buyer who has bought an item from www.decathlon.co.za has the opportunity to exchange an item or request a refund. Buyers are entitled to 2 (two) exchanges only for a product, expect if the product is damaged and provided that such damage is not caused by the buyer. Should the customer wish to exchange their items more than 2 (two) times, they will only be entitled to a refund. Refunds will be effected after the items have been collected from the buyer’s address.

If the product sent to the buyer is not what the buyer was promised in terms of, but not limited to, quality, product specification or the wrong product being sent, the customer can choose to return the product for either an exchange for a similar item, an item that costs the same as the returned item, or for a refund.





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