Relevé Girls' and Women's Pointe Shoes



Made for Ballet dancers with strong enough ankles to practice pointe.
Relevé, originating from the world of ballet means "reaching full pointe". This is the name Domyos has chosen to call its innovation. Comfortable pointe shoes that make ballet dancing easier!
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User comfortThe elastomer insert offers comfort and softness.
Easy to dance on tiptoeThe design of the box/sole makes it easier to achieve full pointe.
Waranty2 Years
Technical Information

What is the Relevé pointe shoe?
The Relevé pointe, a Domyos innovation which offers 2 product benefits: Added COMFORT as the interior has a SEBS lining (elastomer that resembles silicon) that offers added COMFORT and SOFTNESS to dancers' toes when dancing. The box/sole assembly which allows you to achieve full pointe more easily, makes the Relevé unique and innovative. No more pain, just the pure pleasure of ballet dancing and pointe!
How to choose the right size?
The size is the first thing you should check when trying on pointe shoes. You need to be standing up, feet parallel to each other and perfectly flat. Your toes should be touching the tip of the slipper but not pressed against it. You shouldn't leave any extra room in pointe shoes. Warning: Dancing with pointe shoes that are too big is dangerous and very painful. There is no right or a left foot in pointe shoes, therefore, it's the dancer who decides which shoe feels best on which foot.
Information / Concept / Technologie
Upper of : 100.0% Polyester (PES) Lining and sock of : 100.0% Polyester (PES) Outer sole of : 100.0% Leather - Cow

73% of dancers found the Relevé pointe shoe to be more comfortable than a traditional pointe shoe. Relevé.

Product test
Research and development tests conducted to test the COMFORT of the product (Sensory Analysis ) Biomechanical test, to test the ease of achieving full pointe, showed a reduction of 7% in soleus muscle activation (extensor muscle of the ankle that is used to achieve full pointe) with our Relevé pointe shoe, compared to a classic pointe shoe from specialists.

Stockage tips
Can be stored heel to toe, wrapped with the shoes' ribbons!

Maintenance tips
Leave to dry before putting in your bag to prevent deformation.


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As a qualified Ballet teacher I plead with anyone not to buy these. Instead go to a dance shop and get personally fitted. Each dancers feet is different and requires a shoe personal to their style of foot. serious injury could come to those who are not trained or strong enough to go en Pointe or have ill fitting shoes. Decathlon you have no clue what youre selling here! Do your research.
Response of the brand
Thanks a lot to leaving us your opinion on Girls' and Women's Relevé Pointes Shoes. We totally understand your point and this is why on the product description and in technical info, in the website, is written clearly: "We strongly recommend that you have your pointe shoes professionally fitted before ordering on line."
You can find the same recommendation in other competitors web site.
If you have any advise on how to be more clear and more precise, please, send us a mail. We really want to avoid any kind of injury.
Thanks again
Relive pointe shoe
Excellent quality
Really good
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
Love these pointe shoes as they are really comfortable and are easy to go up on pointe in. Also they are my first pair of pointe shoes and they look so nice!
They are really comfortable
Do they come with ribbons and if so are the ribbons sewed on
First pair of pointe shoes
I am getting these pointe shoes because they look very nice and they are going tk be my first pair i love them so much
Pro začátek
Jsou velmi pohodlné. Nejsou sice rozlišovány tvrdostí a šířkou boxu ale v případě že dobře sedí tak bych řekla že pro začátečníky nebo pro "zájmový" tanec (ne pro "profesionálky") jsou velmi dobré :)
Nekupovat, zbytečně ničí nohy
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
Tento výrobek rozhodně nesplňuje kritérium baletních špiček. Pokud jste někdy chodili na špičkách víte jak to bolí, proto potřebujete velikost přesně na vaši nohu, proto bych doporučila třeba obchod sansha v Praze, ale toto rozhodne ne!! Nejenže velikost je pouze podle délky nohy, ale mělo by to být i o mekosti boty a šířky boty, ale také nemají dobre vázáni na nohu.
Response of the brand
Vážená zákaznice,

děkujeme za Vaši zpětnou vazbu k produktu naší značky DOMYOS. 

Bohužel si uvědomujeme, že baletní špičky zcela neodpovídají požadavkům. Avšak konstruktéři ze značky Domyos již pracují na vylepšení. V polovině letošního roku chystáme nové baletní špičkovky, které budou rozlišeny tvrdostí, šířkou a délkou nohy, avšak budou pouze na objednávku. 

S pozdravem,
Bc. Karolína Mazourová
Klapalova found this answer helpful
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
Ich hab schon Spitzenschuhe von Bloch ect probiert doch ich muss sagen die Relevé sind bis jetzt die Besten. Sie passen wirklich gut und sind sehr bequem, auch durch die schon integrierten Spitzenschoner. Auf Spitze zu stehen ist wirklich einfach in diesem Model aber auch Drehungen gelingen gut. Wirklich schöne Schuhe für diesen günstigen Preis.
Lieber eine Nummer größer bestellen
Ich trage sonst Größe 38. Leider ist diese Größe zu klein.
39 ist mir aber widerum zu groß.

Vorteil. Die Bänder sind schon angenäht und die Zehenschone sind auch schon integriert.

Die Verarbeitung ist aber sehr gut. Mein erstes Paar war wesentlich schlechter verarbeitet.
In der Tat ist nur auf ganzer Spitze stehen möglich, dafür aber umso besser als mit meinem anderen Paar.

Da mir aber weder Größe 38 noch 39 passen, gingen beide Paare wieder zurück. Schade
Leider passten sie meiner Tochter nicht.
Zu kurz, dafür zu weit. Negativ fanden wir die fest integrierten Spitzenschoner.
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