In'Ride 300 Home Trainer 550 Watts



Made for indoor cycling.
550 Watts and 7 levels of resistance.

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Power550 watts (at 50 kph at resistance level 7).
Brake controlMagnetic braking, 7 levels of resistance with manual adjustment dial.
ConnectivityNo, but can become "Smart" with the connection kit (item 8487134).
Smooth pedallingFlywheel 1.17 kg.
Easy assembly / dismantlingEasy and quick to attach your bike with a quick-release system.
Compact designFold-away for compact storage.
Noise levelQuiet elastomer roller.
CompatibilityCompatible with all 26" to 28" wheels.
WarantyAvailability of essential spare parts: 2 years
Technical Information

Connect your In'ride 100 to our B'Twin Training application.
Using our connection kit (item 8487134), you can connect your In'ride 100 home trainer to your tablet or smartphone and fully enjoy our "B'Twin Training".
Whether you do road or mountain bike training on the home trainer, we highly recommend using a tyre specially designed for use on home trainers. It has the advantage of lasting longer thanks to its reinforced structure and harder rubber which reduces the noise of the wheels spinning.
When cycling on a home trainer, the rear wheel of your bike is well stabilised and slightly raised. For greater stability, you should also use a front wheel riser block. Doing so will help stabilise your front wheel and raise the front of the bike to keep you in a perfectly aligned position.
When training indoors, perspiration often drips onto the bike or floor. We recommend using the following equipment: 1. A sweat guard to stop perspiration (acidic) dripping onto your bike and damaging it (ref. 8056757). 2. A home trainer mat to reduce noise and provide stability and added protection against perspiration (ref. 8369937).


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InRide 300
Used for 1 week or less
I intended to purchase one of these from the Giltbrook store, however, they were out of stock. I did manage to obtain a test ride on the demonstration unit though, which persuaded me to order one online...
One thing to watch is the resistance control - It has a little plastic cover on the underside, which holds a spring. This had been dislodged in transit, and both it and the spring were in the bottom of the box. It is an absolute pain to refit the spring in place... Such an arrangement where a simple friction fit holds a spring in place is a poor design; this cover should have a screw to provide a more positive attachment.
The resistance control is also somewhat "clunky", but one can use the bike's gears to provide a finer degree of control.
Those issues aside, this is a great value piece of kit, and seems to do its job well. Time will tell how well the resistance control holds up to wear & tear.
In ride home trainer - works well
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
An excellent bit of kit, which works very well. It does take a little practice to mount the bike in quckly, but that's not really a problem. great value for money - I love it.
Good product, let down by staff/service though
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
Good product with no issues after a few uses, french speaking employee could not understand much English at the team valley store.
Dissappointed also to be told by staff there are no test rides other than round the store, even more disappointed to get no email back from Decathlon after complaining to their customer service email.
Response of the brand
Dear Sir,
Thank you for posting your review. I can confirm that certain bike models are available for test. Generally we offer tests on the RR540 and Ultra 900 AF road bikes as well as the Rockrider 560 models. Some stores have more bikes on tests depending on local demand.
Your local store has all the paperwork necessary to arrange this.
I will contact the store myself to discuss this with them.
Peter Lazarus UK Cycling Market Manager DECATHLON
MATTHEW found this answer helpful
Used for 1 week or less
Make sure your bike has quicker release rear wheel, a must.
No need to go out
I have an old bike so fittings don't work
An excellent trainer
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
I tried four trainers in the Thurrock Lakeside store, of the four, this was the cheapest but it was also the one that felt most robust and sturdy. Some confusion initially in regard the the skewer needed to adapt your bike to this trainer (wasn't sure if it was included or needed to be purchased separately, turns out that it was included in the box). I've heard people complain about how noisy some trainers are but I'm using it with a Vittorio trainer tyre and it seems very quiet to my ears.
Easy to set up, robust and smooth running
Great value and easy set up
I purchased this with the goal to cross train to help manage running injury, so I was looking for something simple and not too expensive. It took just a few minutes to set up (I had no previous experience of these) and it felt really sturdy when I was on the bike. It was also surprisingly quiet. I tended to use the gears to alter resistance rather than the supplied resistance changer. Really pleased I bought this.
Home trainer 550
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
Perfect for those of us that are fair weather cyclists
Everything, size , weight , cost
Good basic trainer
Used for More than 1 year
I've been using this trainer for a year now and found it really stable and good for indoor training. The resistance levels, when coupled with the bike's gearing, give a suitably varied ride feel.
Cheaper than other models. Easy to set up and use.
Riser block should come standard with the trainer.
Turbo Trainer
very quick delievery
excellent piece of kit well worth the money
Easy to assemble and very quiet
In"Ride 300 Trainer
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
Easy to install, quiet in operation
Good price, good functionality
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