DF920 Floor Pads (4-Pack)



Made for improving comfort and protecting the floor under fitness equipment.
These pads, sold in packs of four, are perfect for stabilising your fitness equipment by smoothing out uneven floors. The pads protect both your floors and your equipment.


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Cushioning8 mm thick. Density: 70 kg/m3. Perfect for stabilising your equipment.
VersatilitySold in packs of 4. Customisable shape and dimensions. Snap-together floor pads.
Visual efficiencyRemovable border to ensure a straight edge.
Waranty2 Years
Technical Information

100% polyethylene
Length: 54 cm Width: 54 cm Thickness: 8 mm Weight: 0.8 kg
The DF 920 floor pads comply with formamide regulations
Information / Concept / Technologie
Floor mat : 100.0% Foamed Polyethylene


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Used for 2 to 8 weeks
Floor pads
Used for 1 week or less
Ok, but bit thin.
Good protection for carpet!
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
we only use 4 of the squares due to lack of space and figured out we only needed 4. Three fit perfectly, all square but one of them cannot have the corner square. A small inconvenient and would not be there if we were using the 6 squares.
My kids use it as gym floor
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
Bought these for my kids. Very good.
Good but specification has changed.
Used for 1 week or less
These were purchased to work with an older set of Domyos Floor Pads on our gym floor.
The old pads were much more "rubbery" and whilst the "tooths" have the same size, the overall sizes have been changed. There should be a warning on the website entry to say that the specification has changed.
Due to the changes, we had to do much more trimming of the pads and had to relay part of the old array.
Otherwise, satisfactory
Move around!!
I bought a criss trainer from decathlon and was recommended these mats. Dont bother buy proper rubber matting. These dont stay in place they move and bump up under my cross trainer,then my foot peddles catch them making a horrendous noise and damaging the mats.
Response of the brand

Thanks to take time to give us your opinion on DF920 Floor Pads 4 Pack. I m afraid about your issue and it s the first time i've heard something like that with df920. I ll send your feedbacks to our product manager in order to create a better product.
Don't forget you can change the product or claim a total refund in your nearest Decathlon store

Kind regards
Nicola Barnabo Fitness Market Manager DECATHLON
Had better
Iv bought others of better quality in decathlon previously
Does what I need but not as thick as others iv got
Does the job
Not as thick as last lot I bought a few years ago
Response of the brand

Thanks to give us your opinion on  DF920 Floor Pads 4 Pack. I will send your feedback to the product manager in order to create better products. I suggest you to try our other mat http://www.decathlon.co.uk/training-mat-id_8338394.html It s thicker than df920 but it has more density ( 295 kg /m3 ) so it can absorbs more weight

Kind regards

Nicola Barnabo Fitness Market Manager DECATHLON
Great simple product
Used for 3 to 6 months
Easy to use, cheap, etc
provides great insulation and support
Floor Pads
Used for More than 2 years
I have used them in my shed, in the winter they help to stop your feet getting cold.
Make excellent insolating floor cover
floor mats :-)
Used for 3 to 6 months
I purchased them for my garage floor and they have done the job grate and i can workout on them no problem
light weight and size
No problems with this product at the moment

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