RS 160 Adult High Sports Socks Tri-Pack - Black



Made for occasional players looking for a sports sock (tennis, badminton, table tennis, squash, padel, etc.)
These sport socks with reinforced heels and toes offer good durability. The softness of combed cotton provides greater comfort. Sold in a pack of 3 pairs.
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Abrasion resistanceReinforced heel and toes for longer-lasting socks.
Reduced chafingCombed cotton knit socks for unbeatable softness.
StabilityElasticated band at the top. Elasticated knit for a better hold.
Waranty2 Years
Technical Information

Combed cotton
The fibres of this cotton have undergone an additional brushing process to lengthen them, making the fabric softer and purer as well as ensuring reliable quality. The fabric produced is therefore particularly supple, soft and pleasant to wear.
Elastane is used to make the sock stretchier, offering better foot support. Please note: your socks may appear smaller but this is in fact just due to their increased elasticity. They will also better withstand repeated washing.
Sizes3/5½, 6½/8, 8½/11½,12½/15


Leg lengthhigh.
Information / Concept / Technologie
Socks : 65.0% Cotton, Socks : 31.0% Polyamide, Socks : 3.0% Elastodiene, Socks : 1.0% Elasthane

Product test
Before being sold, our socks are tested in the lab and on the court. Lab tests are carried out to verify the following aspects: toxicology, UV resistance, resistance to wear, accelerated ageing and resistance to repeated washing. Field tests are performed to check our products in real-life playing conditions.

Maintenance tips
Machine wash at 40°C, tumble drying possible but not recommended, if you must, then tumble dry on low.


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Great !
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
I love em perfect fit
What can you say about socks.
Used for More than 2 years
Wearing these socks for 10 years (not the same pair) and have found them to be long lasting, and hard wearing. I use them for cycling, hillwalking and work. Due to the great price I buy about a dozen pair of black at a time, that way when they come out the wash there is no problem matching them.
Absolute rubbish
Used for 1 week or less
First time wearing these for a couple of hours walk and split in both heels. Worst socks ever. I ordered online so not sure if can get a refund.
Sports Socks
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
A reasonable priced pack of socks. Very comfortable fit. Wash well with no shrinkage distortion
Sport socks
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
It is a good producto, it has a good quality and a good price.
Quality and price are very good
Soft and comfortable
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
Comfortable and hard-wearing socks benefit from a more comfortable fabric in this version
Improved feel and wear compared to prev version
Very good product
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
Its too good, wearing for Nature walks for more than 10 hours and my skin will not get irritate.
Its comfortable
can wear for longer hours without irritation
Great socks
Great value socks, I have tried all sorts from well know high street retailers these are far better quality than all of them - even those costing twice as much
comfortable, soft and still good after a few washe
A very good pair of socks
Used for 7 to 12 months
Lasts long and holds the elasticity of the socks.
Does not become loose like other brands.
Used for 1 week or less
Super quality, like it
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