General Questions

- Do I need to register when purchasing from www.decathlon.co.za?

Yes! You have to create an account with us. This will enable us to keep track of your online purchases. We will of course keep your personal information private and ensure it is safe. We will not retain your payment information. 

We will contact you only recall products case.
You can either register for an account before or upon checking out your order.  

- Do you have a store?

Yes, we now have 3 stores available only in Johannesburg: Alberton, Greenstone and Centurion. 

- How do I contact Decathlon ?

If you require any help with our products or services, feel free to contact us via emails: 

For general enquiries or online orders, you can send an email to : contactsouthafrica@decathlon.com

For Centurion enquiries, you can send an email to : contactcenturion@decathlon.com

For Alberton enquiries, you can send an email to: contactalberton@decathlon.com

For Greenstone enquiries, you can send an email to : contactgreenstone@decathlon.com

Our Customer Relationship Centre Operating hours is every day from 9.00am to 6.00pm (except on Suday from 9:00am to 04:00pm). 

One of our friendly customer relations officers will get back to you within 24 hours. 

How to place an order ?

What happens if my order has an out of stock item and why did this happen?

Although we try our best to maintain 100% accuracy with inventory, there are rare occasions where we experience an inventory error. 

Out of stock item(s) will be cancelled from your order. The remainder of your order will be shipped and you will be refunded for the cancelled item(s). Please allow 14-20 working days for refunds to be processed. 


- Can I amend my order after checking out?

All orders are deemed confirmed and final upon checkout.
So it's always best to ensure that everything is checked and correct prior to placing your order. 

However, we understand that accidental mistakes may occur from time to time. If you'd like to change your order, you may contact us on contactsouthafrica@decathlon.com and our friendly customer relations officers will provide you with a solution! 



- What are the payment methods accepted by Decathlon?

We accept the following payment methods: 

1. Visa Debit/Credit cards (Local and International)
2. Mastercard Debit/Credit cards (Local and International)

3. Instant EFT 


Product replacement and refund

"Because your satisfaction is our top priority."

At Decathlon we want to see you enjoy your favorite sports. So you may rest assured that special attention has been paid to product quality, safety, services, and our customers’ satisfaction. Given this we are always willing to offer product replacements and accept returns through the following channels.



Channels for product return/replacement

- At every Decathlon store. Customers may choose to have their purchased items replaced or return the products at no extra cost.
 You may also return the products through our delivery partners. Please contact us on contactsouthafrica@decathlon.co.za This can be done by indicating your purchase order number, product code, and your contact details. 


Conditions for returning purchased goods

- If damage to the purchased item(s) is caused by quality control problems or occurred during transportation, Decathlon will be responsible for the expenses associated with the shipment of the returned product(s).

- If the customer wants to return the purchased item or have a replacement due to an error made in the purchase order or product satisfaction, the customer will solely be responsible for all expenses incurred.

Once the returned product is received and verification process is completed, we will process the refund to our customer as soon as possible. 

Please note that it will take 14-20 working days to complete the refund process.


Shipping and Delivery

- Where does Decathlon South-Africa ship to?

Decathlon South-Africa (www.decathlon.co.za) only ships to addresses within South-Africa. As we are not able to deliver overseas, please make sure you order from the correct website and indicate a correct delivery address. 


- How will my order be shipped to me and what is the estimated delivery time?

All deliveries are shipped with third party courier companies.

You will be informed when we ship your order from our Ecommerce warehouse and will also be provided with a tracking number.

We  deliver with The Courier Guy. You should expect your order within 1-2 working days around Johannesbourg, and 3 to 5 working days at national level.


How much are the shipping fees?

The delivery cost is the same amount that Decathlon pays to our delivery service provider. No up charge is included. The customer can also pick up products by themselves at Decathlon Store.

 If you can not find the information you need, please CONTACT US : contactsouthafrica@decathlon.com 


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