As it can be frustrating to not be able to pay using one of the payment systems provided for, we have a SOLUTION for you, SID.


SID is a secure instant EFT solution provided by Decathlon in order to provide for a plan B for our customers to make payment for your order on any smart device, and to save time on awaiting for confirmation of receipt of payment before your order is dispatched.


N.B. We use this payment method in exceptional cases where you cannot pay using the normal PayU method on the website.

This method only supports payments up to R10 000 and only payments from the top five bank in South Africa (FDNB, ABSA, Standard bank, Capitec, and Nedbank)

Step 1 : When you encounter a problem with the payment method you inform the eCommerce              team explaining your problem on ecommerceSA@decathlon.net

Step 2 : After we have received you request, we will send you an email with a link to make the total payment of your order.

Step 3 : You click on the link, follow the step and then make payment.

Step 4 : After your payment has went through, you send us a subsequent email to alert us that you have made payment.

Step 5 : We check the payment on our side and then we dispatch your order.

Advantages of using SID

- To ensure security of the link and your details, the link  is only sent to the customer;

- SID does not store your banking details after you had made payment;

- The payment link is unique and can only be used once;

- We can confirm payment instantly after it has been made.


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