Judo, Aikido

Combat sports: fitness with agility!

Unlike popular perception, training in combat sports is not limited to professional sportspersons. More and more individuals are choosing to learn a combat sport, to ensure they stay fit while acquiring a lean, toned physique. As with any other sport, it is imperative that you invest in the right equipment to support and protect yourself when you play combat sports.

Questions which help you decide

When you have chosen your sport, it is important to research adequately, to identify your needs. You could consult your trainer, or even discuss with our well-informed staff before you make a selection. Along with a comfortable outfit and accessories like gloves, make sure you also invest in protective gear, which makes sure you do not sustain any injury.

A wide range of products

If you are a martial arts aficionado, the Domyos' range of Martial and Combat arts sports equipment is just what you need. We have a great range of martial arts uniform that can be used to practice the sport more efficiently. Choose from the plethora of sparing gloves, and protective equipment.

At Decathlon, your will find a range of high-quality combat training equipment to choose from. Log on to Decathlon today and browse through our selection to find everything you need in one place!


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